About Lindsey Kyoko

Lindsey is an artist born, bred and based in Vancouver whose practice is rooted in painting. This ranges from portraiture, abstract art, sculpture, installation, to public art and large-scale murals.

Her passion is to create vibrantly colorful, visually textured and multi-layered works often inspired by nature and the wacky landscapes and biological workings of her own inner world. 
She is also drawn to portraiture and creates photorealistic works from archival photographs. 

Murals change the landscape of the city, create richness and color in places that are not, and tell stories. It is an important endeavour to distill the ethos of a community or a place into a visual work and Lindsey believes strongly in contributing to the cultural growth of a city, particularly Vancouver, in this way.

She graduated from Simon Fraser University with a BFA in visual arts with honourable distinction.

Lindsey is self-represented and does private commissions and community collaborations. Inquire about her availability: